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Warm Welcome

You are on the website www.da-sein.de. This is the online youth counseling center of the Oldenburg Hospice Service Foundation.

since 2013

ca. 1000 active users
over 13.000 written messages

What we provide

When a person is sick, dying or grieving, they should not be alone. It's good when someone is there to help.

We help you:
- if you are very ill
- when you will die

We also help you when you are sad:
- because someone you care about is very sick
- because someone you love dies
- because someone you loved is dead


You are in the right place

The online consultation is for young women, men and diverse people between the ages of 16 and 26.

You can ask things like:
- How do I want to die?
- How can I say goodbye?
- Does dying hurt?
- Why am I sad?
You can write to us:
- I feel bad.
- I need help
- I am afraid.
- I am sad.
We take everyone seriously and always write back.

Who we are

Many people work in the team for the website www.da-sein.de on a voluntary and full-time basis.
You don't have to live in Oldenburg, you can use the consultation no matter where you live.
The online consultation costs nothing.
We have confidentiality. That means you don't have to write us your name and nobody will know that you are writing to us.

Your privacy matters

Your data is safe with us.
You make up a username and password.
You will then get your own mailbox.
Your name and password are secret.
You can click Privacy, then you can read how we protect your data.